Dr. Richard Goran – NT Generator Program Reviews

NT Generator Program Reviews

Energy independence has been a hot topic in the energy sector for quite a while. Truth is emerging that big power companies have gone out of their way to suppress technological innovations that would eventually make you free yourself from their grasp. On the front line of this exciting battle are people like Dr. Richard Green, the inventor of NT Generator Program, which we are going to review below.

Many energy independence “experts” allege that you can have reliable alternative power free of charge, a claim that has yet to be proven a fact. NT Generator distances itself from this allegation from the very get go. Understandably, cost is an important factor as far as power systems go, but with NT Generator program, rest assured that you will need well under 100 bucks to build a power generator that can drastically lower your power costs.

NT Generator Program – Pros:

– You should not spend more than an hour building this power system. In fact, in just 43 minutes, you will have your energy generator up and running.

– The cost of the materials will not be a problem for you either. In total, to build this invention, you will spend just $63. Some people pay well over $100 in electricity bills each month, which means that NT Generator program is a real bargain. Most alternative power systems, for instance, solar panels, cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

– NT Generator is not just a fascinating project that has not tangible real life benefits. If you consider yourself an average person when it comes to power consumption, you can in fact expect a reduction of up to more than 80% on your power bills. This means you should be able to recover the meager cost of the innovation in no time at all.

– The program is based on innovations created by Nikola Tesla, who has been credited with several discoveries that changed the world and continue to be used widely even today. In fact, this program is based on a Nikola invention called Bifilar Pancate Coil, which he patented in 1894 under patent number 512,340. The coil can boost electricity by 5 times in an instant.

– This generator can power any home appliance you can think of. So, it does not matter if you want to power your big screen television or refrigerator, or even your light bulbs – the NT Generator can handle it all.

– The system reduces your reliance on electricity companies. You will even be able to keep going even after power lines have been affected by things like natural disasters. You will still be able to cook, run your refrigerator, and even keep your house lighted during power outages, all thanks to this system.

– Despite its immense capabilities, the NT Generator is very small and portable. You can even carry it in your pocket, even as it lowers your electricity bill several times over. This makes it ideal for saving on power wherever you go.

– Building this generator is easier than most people imagine. The required pieces of equipment can be obtained from most electrical shops.

– The system can last for quite a while. Don’t expect the NT Generator to start falling apart in a matter of weeks, or even months for that matter. The coil, which is the centerpiece of this system, can last for decades without the need for replacement or major repairs. Considering its low cost and the ease with which it can be made, this is clearly an outstanding benefit.

– The program consists of video demonstrations on how this system works. The author has described it very clearly to ensure that anyone, even those who would typically shy away from doing any electrical work, will have no trouble building the NT generator and reaping its associated benefits.

– Putting up the entire system in your house so that you begin to lower your power bills is also quite fast. You will not build the generator and then have a difficult time getting it to offer the benefits promised. In as little as a day, you will have the system in full operation, and your power consumption reduced to just a fraction of your previous power consumption.

– Already, some people have use the NT Generator program to reduce their power bills, and the results have been just as advertised – a whopping reduction in power consumption in practically no time.

– The program comes with a satisfaction guarantee and a 60-day no-questions asked money back guarantee in case you feel that the system does not deliver as promised.

– For a system that promises to have such a profound impact on your power consumption, NT Generator is quite cheap. The product goes for just $49, which is a steal considering what it can do for you and your household as far as your dependence on the power grid is concerned.

NT Generator Program – Cons:

– With this system, you will not be getting energy completely free, but, for every watt of power consumed, you can get a couple more for free, and this should reduce your power costs considerably.

– You will have to build the NT Program yourself. For the DIY enthusiasts out there, this is a dream come true, but if you always like to avoid building anything and instead prefer having a fully functional device delivered to your doorstep, you might find the NT Generator to be a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, even a kid can be able to put up this system and end up with a system that results in substantial power reductions.


People have began to consider ways in which they can make their homes more power efficient, in no small part because power bills keep going up. Understandably, some “experts” in alternative energy creation have decided to cash in on the desperation by peddling “free energy” programs that turn out to be scams. The NT Generator claims to be the real McCoy, and you should have no reason to doubt this claim. The science behind this system is perfectly sound, and patented. In fact, some people have already given it a try, and the results have been very positive. If you ever wanted to try out just a single energy consumption reduction system, there is no reason it should not be the NT Generator.


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